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Designated Driver Service

Finished socialising, don’t think of driving. We can do it for you.

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NCT Pick Up Drop Off Service

We'll take your car when you can't.



We are service providers for over 16 years now and have gained extensive knowledge of what clients expect in today’s fast paced world.

Our business is unique to Ireland and designed to provide a safer alternative to clients who were socialising and require a means of getting them and their car home safely.

One of our initiatives “Designated Driver Service” has been operating successfully in the UK, United States, Canada, Australia and South Africa for years and surely has saved lives since its inception.

We are all too aware of the temptation to drive when your car is outside the door after having that extra drink be it in a friends house, pub or restaurant, knowing too well we shouldn’t. Now there is an alternative.

Our Vision is clear, to make the roads in our community a safer place by providing this service.

In conjunction with our Designated Driver Service we provide an NCT pick up and drop off service. Simply, when you have a date for your NCT test, you can book with We collect your car from work or home, take it to the NCT centre, have it checked and drop your car back immediately to the collection point. This saves having to take time off work or enable you to have more time to yourself.

We hope you find our services useful and look forward to seeing you in the future.

Benefits of using Designated Driver Service.

  1. You get to leave your home at your convenience in your own car.
  2. Peace of mind knowing you and your car will get back home safely
  3. Cost Efficient ( one way fee home )
  4. No unexpected parking tickets
  5. Convenience of having your car parked outside your home
  6. You get to travel home in your own car ( but you won’t be driving)
  7. No early morning taxi to collect your car
  8. You get to enjoy your night hassle free.

This is not a taxi service and is only available to customers who meet the our terms and conditions

Special Events

Most people take their cars to events like weddings, parties, barbecues functions etc, why not let guests know of this service so they don’t have to worry about getting home and having the inconvenience of collecting their car the following day.

How it works

  • Bookings can be made by online booking form or by telephone.
  • Two chauffeurs are dispatched to pick up location for the agreed collection time.
  • You will be contacted by phone once chauffeur is outside.
  • Your chauffeur will have company identification on display.
  • One of our chauffeurs will drive you home in the comfort of your own vehicle while the other follows to collect the driver after you’re home safely.
  • The service is available to the Insurance policyholder.
  • Maximum two passengers collected.
  • Single pickup and single drop off.


  • Our chauffeurs are all experienced drivers above the age of 30.
  • Most of our drivers are qualified RSA approved driving instructors.
  • Hold current full open drive insurance policy
  • Driving Experience of over 10 years and over.
  • Hold a current full clean Irish driving licence.
  • Always Courteous and Friendly.